Friday, 24 February 2017

We are now boarding for the San Salvador flight

See you all at 9pm.

Flight UA1461

We are almost home..

It is currently 4.25pm and we are all in Houston waiting for our final flight to San Salvador. Many students are doing well (those who managed to sleep through the flight from Tokyo) others are very sleepy but still happy!

save image

 We are expected to arrive in San Salvador at 8.57pm so please could I ask all parents to be ready to collect their son/daughter at 9.00pm from the airport in the arrivals area. We would like to make sure that we see the students leave with you so please do come and say hello before you depart. We will then register your son/daughter as departed. 

If there are any changes to this I will ask the students to contact you and I will also update the blog. 

Many of you have been asking for the confirmation code of the booking so you can claim the air miles. If you would like this confirmation/booking code please see me for this detail when we arrive at the airport.